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Butcher’s Lab – The first Crossfit Center in Denmark

Welcome to Crossfit Butcher’s Lab in Kødbyen and Vanløse, Copenhagen. We have been created through a varied and effective training form where everyone can participate. We strive to motivate our members through a fun and versatile exercise that increases energy levels and keeps the body healthy. As a member of Butcher’s Lab, you get access to dedicated coaches who are ready to help you through the day’s workout. In addition to your training, we offer specialized teams and personal training.

Member benefits

Access to CrossFit training

all over Denmark…

Free intro class

Each wednesday at 19:00 PM,

you have the opportunity to…

Personal Training

Personal training in Butcher’s Lab

is to secure…

Meet the Butchers Lab team


Steffen Martin Pedersen


Chris Martin Pedersen


Fredric Gyllensten


Rebecka Vitesson

Boxmanager & Coach

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Butcher’s Lab Meat Packing District

Butcher’s Lab Vanløse