Class descriptions

WORKOUT OF THE DAYAt Butcher’s Lab the daily workout is different every day of the week. Anyone, regardless of experience and level, can participate on the workout of the day.

The class always start with a general warm-up followed by a movement-relevant warm-up. After the warm-up the coach will take you through a technique or strength element, which purpose is to ensure all movements are performed correctly as well as facilitate overall strength or technique progression.

The class is ultimately concluded with a workout, which varies a lot in terms of movements, intensity and time.

Have a look at the class schedule to find out which classes suits you. You need to sign up for the class through our app.
FREE INTRO CLASSIf you are new to Crossfit you always have the opportunity to stop by and try out our free Intro Class.

At the class you will get a brief introduction to Crossfit and get to experience Crossfit in its basic form. All movements are scaled to your level, so you will the true Crossfit experience.
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CrossFit offers a broad variety of movements and easily appear as quite a mouthful for someone new to CrossFit.

This is why we designed a special course, which sole purpose is to introduce to you all the basic movement of CrossFit, so you with confidence can partake in the Workout of the Day.

At Butcher’s Lab we have room for everyone, regardless for age, level and form.
The intro course is only available for members.
Read more about the Beginners Class
On our gymnastic classes we combine gymnastic and movement.

We will challenge your body in flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. In class you will be challenged in all the different gymnastic elements that CrossFit training contains. That includes drills in the bar, on the floor, in the rings and in the rope.

The drills will be cut down in to small elements and no matter your goals or level we will focus on improving your skills in a safe and effective way.
Our family class is centered around parents and kids working out and playing together. We welcome both moms, dads, kids and grandparents, and everyone can participate alongside each other. The focus of the class will be centered around active playing and games. Therefore, all ages are welcome. Our family class is available every other Saturday in Butcher’s Lab Vanløse.
In Crossfit you to a large extent make use of weight lifting, there for it can be great advantage to you participate in our Weight Lifting classes, which soul purpose is to improve your technique with a barbell.

The main focus of the class is on the two Olympic movements; snatch and Clean & Jerk. However, there is multiple movements to support these two lifts, i.e. dead lift, front- or back squat, overhead squat, clean, jerk, press, etc..

When you participate on our Weight lifting classes it is very important that you are ready to go and warmed up before the class starts, to make sure the time is spent efficiently.

Look at the class schedule for times.

Note; you need to sign up for weightlifting through our APP or at the check-in in the reception.
Strongman is designed for you, who want to build up muscle mass and become stronger.

As we increase to load on the bar our skilled coachs’ top priority is to ensure proper movement to prevent injuries.

The class starts with a warm up and after this you progress to a combination of the classes lifts, such as bench press, press, squats and dead lift, this typically is combined with a variety of objects. This could be atlas stones, farmer walks, tyres, etc..

Look at the class schedule for times.

Note; you need to sign up for Strenght class through our APP or at the check-in in the reception.
At Butcher’s Lab we aim to teach the kids a basic understanding of training through fun and games. This with the purpose of improving the ability to move, increase their strength as well as improving their concentration.

The kids will, at the same time, learn to receive instructions which can be of benefit in other aspects of their daily routines.
Kids Crossfit is for kids between the age of 10 and 15 years.

We will teach them Crossfit, as variation between gymnastics, cardio training as well as weight lifting. Main focus is on the technique of the fundamental movements of Crossfit in a controlled and relaxed environment. Training has to be fun at Butcher’s Lab.