Butcher’s Lab started growing roots in a luxury flat on Nørrebro back in 2007 under the name CPH
Crossfitters. Because of an increasingly popularity of CrossFit in Copenhagen the location had to be

Which resulted in; founders Kenneth Dehn and Henrik Affe opened the first CrossFit box in Denmark on the
28 th of February 2008 under the name “Butcher’s Lab”. Located in the Meat Packing District in Copenhagen.
That’s why the name.

It’s was rough, the training was new, and the popularity was rapidly growing. The combination of varied
training, heavy weights and lots of pulse, didn’t just give you effective results, it also brewed a strong
community amongst the members.

The unity around the training in Butcher’s Lab became one of characteristics in the CrossFit box. The
owners prioritized social gatherings and competitions, which has been creating countless of relations in all
shades since the beginning.

In 2010 Butcher’s opened another CrossFit box called; “Butcher’s Garage” in Valby. Butcher’s Garage also
reached great connections around members from near and far. All types of levels were welcome, but we
especially had some of the CrossFit elites.

Members in Butcher’s Lab has year after year been represented when we have competed in the European
and World Championships – The CrossFit Games.

In 2013 we moved Butcher’s Lab into a bigger location but still in the Meat Packing District.

It was a sad day on the 1 st . of January 2015 because Butcher’s Garage had to close because the leasing
contract came to an end and the landlords had to build apartments on the address.

After 8 great years in the summer of 2016 Kenneth and Henrik chose to hand over the keys to exciting
members and brother, Steffen and Chris Martin Pedersen.

Ever since the unity and the quality training has been used as cornerstones to lift Butcher’s Lab to another
level. There has been added new energy and stabilized a strong foundation which resulted in a great
progress on many aspects.

In 2018 Butcher’s Lab had their best placement in the world championships – The CrossFit Games no. 21 st.

The next best team in Europe.

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