Membership conditions

1. Membership.

A membership is personal and therefore cannot be transferred to, shared with or used by others. Changes in personal data such as name, address, e-mail, phone number, bank, account number, etc. must be notified immediately to Butcher’s Lab. It is the member’s responsibility that Butcher’s Lab always has the member’s correct contact information.

1a. Student.

People with a student membership are obliged to present valid documentation, by registering in Butcher’s Lab and immediately notifying if the study is terminated or shortened.

2. Membership card.

The membership card must be brought and read on the check-in computer before training each time. If a member loses or damages his membership card, it must be notified immediately to Butcher’s Lab, which will issue a new card against a set price at any time.

3. Membership duration.

In the case of a DIBS-agreement, this is an ongoing membership, that continues until terminated by one of the parties in accordance with §8. A cash membership cannot be terminated but ends automatically when the period for which payment has been made expires. Regardless of the reason, neither full nor partial reimbursement of prepaid cash memberships is given.

4. Payment.

When creating a membership, the agreement is registered with DIBS and payment is then made with a registration fee and for the period from the making of said membership to the first payment via DIBS. Thereafter, the monthly transaction is automatically deducted from the member’s account at the beginning of each calendar month. The member is responsible for making the payment on time. Non-timely payment is equated with breach of contract. By registering payment information and accepting the membership terms, the member consents to Butcher’s Lab storing master information. In addition, consent is given for the creation of a cash transfer agreement, i.e. that the monthly payment is automatically deducted from your payment card. In the event of breach of contract, e.g. in the event of non-payment, Butcher’s Lab reserves the right to pass on your personal information to third parties. If Butcher’s Lab is required to submit a debit card, a fee will be charged at Butcher’s Labs applicable rates.

6. Price changes.

Price changes are announced on butcherslab.dk no later than 14 days before the price changes take effect. If the member subsequently does not wish to maintain his membership as a result of the price changes, the member is entitled to terminate his membership in accordance with the procedure of § 8.

7. Pausing membership.

Membership can be suspended for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months. At the start of the hold period, the start and end date of the hold period must be stated. For each term of office, a fee is payable at Butcher’s Labs applicable rates. It is not possible to suspend a membership during a notice period, and a potential hold period is revoked if membership is wished terminated. If a membership is terminated while it is on hold, the membership is activated during the notice period.

8. Termination of memberships.

Memberships can be terminated at any time with a notice of current month, plus 1 month, unless otherwise stated upon registration. The termination must be made on members profile in membersystems (BRP Systems). When terminating membership member will receive a confirmation e-mail receipt. The termination is valid from the date of receipt. If there is any doubt as to whether a membership has been terminated, you as a member must be able to prove that the termination has taken place correctly. All offer memberships have a binding period of at least 3 months.

9. Minors.

If a person is under 18 years of age or underage, membership can only be obtained if a guardian signs a membership for the person at the guardian’s expense.

10. Health condition and personal injury.

All training is at your own risk. All first-time members should attend an intro class before beginning training on regular classes. A member is responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in activities at Butcher’s Lab. Butcher’s Lab does not take responsibility for personal injury to a member as a result of accidents or other visitors actions or inadequate actions. Additionally, Danish tort law is followed in this area.

11. Valuables.

Butcher’s Lab recommends not carrying items of value, doing this, it is recommended that these be stored in a locked locker during training. Butcher’s Lab bears no responsibility for loss due to theft or damage to property.

12. Rules of order.

The rules of order in force at any given time, as well as instructions given by Butcher’s Lab staff, must always be followed. Violation of this may result in expulsion. Racist or condescending statements result in immediate expulsion. Butcher’s Lab may in unusual cases require the presentation of a medical certificate if it is deemed that the exercise may be harmful to the member’s health. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed in the training areas without an adult. During training, always wear clothes and shoes intended for indoor training. Pets are not allowed on Butcher’s Labs premises.

13. Exclusion of member.

Butcher’s Lab reserves the right, without explanation, to immediately terminate the membership agreement. In such cases, all unused prepaid dues will be refunded. In case of serious violations e.g. lending of a membership card to another person, the member is excluded without repayment of any deposits. Butcher’s Lab strongly dissociates itself from any form of doping. If possession or misuse of illegal products is found, this is considered a gross violation. Likewise, no tobacco or alcohol may be enjoyed in the center or on the premises of the center.

14. Change of membership conditions.

Butcher’s Lab may change its membership terms with 14 days’ notice. Such changes are announced on butcherslab.dk. If the member does not wish to maintain their membership as a result of the changes to the terms, the member is entitled to terminate his membership in accordance with the procedure in § 8. Butcher’s Lab has the right to make usual changes in rules, team activities, premises, equipment and opening hours.

15. Online registration.

Online registration is open 24 hours a day on the website, butcherslab.dk. Once the registration and payment has been made, the membership is considered delivered. The membership number will appear on the last page during creation and will also be sent by e-mail together with the membership terms. Membership cards are handed out at the first training session at the reception in Butcher’s Lab. When registering payment information, the membership conditions are accepted. You cannot participate in activities until the membership conditions are accepted and payment information registered.

16. Right of withdrawal.

When purchasing over the Internet, you principally have a 14-day right of withdrawal. However, if you select a start date that is within 14 days, the right of withdrawal at the start date will lapse.

17. Receipt.

The receipt for the purchase is sent to the entered e-mail address. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the information entered, is correct.

18. Criteria for subscription features.

Before a transaction via debit/credit card can occur, card information must match the same with PBS ‘card database. The payment card must be active, and it must be possible to complete a transaction on the subscription amount. The payment card used for subscription withdrawals, must be able to make transactions via the Internet.

19. Updating map data.

Card data can be updated by logging in to the online booking and selecting “User profile” – “Authorize payment card”. By contacting Butcher’s Lab, card information can be renewed or deleted. The customer is always responsible for ensuring that the card data is correct. Failure to do so may result in Butcher’s Lab inactivating/terminating the membership without notice.

20. Automatic door system and unattended training.

Butcher’s Lab has installed an automatic door system, which allows you to open the entrance doors using the personal membership card provided. There is access to the center via the door system from the morning until closing time. It is principally from kl. 5.00-22.00 every day. You must be out of the center before 22.00. If this is not complied with, the alarm is activated, which costs a fee of DKK 700, which will be charged to the member. All doors must be kept closed. It is not allowed to bring guests, just as it is not allowed to let non-members into the center. It is only allowed to enter the center after you have swiped your membership card through the card reader. If you let people into the center, you are responsible for them. When training on your own, it is not allowed to bring equipment outside the center. Butcher’s Lab has video surveillance and any violation of the above will result in the cancellation of membership and an exclusion of at least 2 years from training in Butcher’s Lab.

21. Events in the center.

Due to the center’s expression and history, Butcher’s Lab is a reputable and desirable place for cultural life, production companies, etc. to hold film screenings, theater performances, exhibitions, etc… Management reserves the right to close the center in whole or in parts for shorter periods if events, arrangement or other circumstances arise that are in Butcher’s Labs and the management’s interests. No compensation or refund of paid membership is provided as a result of closing days and / or closing hours.

22. Non-adult members.

If a person is under 18 years of age or underage, membership can only be obtained with the written consent of the member’s guardian. Registration of non-adult members can only take place in person in Butcher’s Lab. In the event of non-payment or debt to Butcher’s Lab, the applicable guardian will guarantee the full amount.

23. Cancellation of reservation and attendance.

If a member is prevented from using a class or an Open gym reservation, which must be made via the app to secure a slot, cancellations must be notified no later than 2 hours before, for class reservations and 1 hour before, for Open gym reservations before start time.

Attendance at classes takes place at the start by the coach. Attendance at the Open Gym can take place up to 45 minutes after the start time, after 30 minutes the spot is released for members on the waiting list. Attendance must be done the check-in computer in the center with the member’s personal membership card. If this does not happen, a fee will be charged per. booked spot. It is the member’s own responsibility to attend correctly, on time and with the membership card. Butcher’s Lab is not responsible for the accuracy of members’ attendance.

If the above mentioned is not complied with, the member will be charged, in the case of a DIBS membership, a fee at the applicable rate. If no fee is paid, Butcher’s Lab reserves the right to terminate the membership without notice.