Personal training in Butcher’s Lab with our competent coaches is to secure you tailored training sessions for reaching your goals. Whether it is about getting in shape, increasing your muscle mass or tune in your technique or a whole other thing, we want to be there helping you in your way.

We know how difficult it is, especially if the motivation and sessions aren’t customized to your needs and daily being. Our coaches will therefor organize your training from your perspective from goals and wishes.

There is no easy way, but our coaches will follow you and be there for all the necessary support and guidance through your progress. It can be a tough battle and that is why we will help you tackle any challenges you might meet to make sure your end result is positive, but also to give you upholstery to keep going subsequently.       

Price setting – 30 days at a time:

1 hour: 750 kr.

5 hours: 3.000 DDK / 600 DDK. per hour

10 hours: 5.550 DDK / 550 DDK per hour

15 hours: 7.500 DDK / 500 DDK per hour


To make a difference

Place for everyone

Quality and safety above all


Effective training


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