Personal training in Butcher’s Lab with our competent coaches is to secure you tailored training sessions for reaching your goals. Whether it is about getting in shape, increasing your muscle mass, improving your gymnastic skills or a whole other thing. We want to be there helping you in your way.

We know how difficult it is, especially if the motivation and sessions are not customized your needs and daily being. Our coaches will therefor organize your training from your perspective from goals and wishes.

There is no easy way, but we will follow you and be there for all the necessary support and guidance through your progress. We will help you tackle any challenges you might meet to make sure your result is positive, but also to give you upholstery to keep going subsequently.

Let’s get started!

A none-binding consultation is the first step for a good collaboration. You will meet one of our personal trainers over a cup of coffee to discuss your goals and wishes. From there, we will make an estimate of needs in terms of how many sessions and period, to achieve the result you are looking for.

Training and the timeframe are specific for everyone. Depending on your experience, your current level, and your end goal, we will personalize your training, so it suits you in the best way.


The price for personal training varies depending on the progress.

Sessions, time period, nutrition, follow ups and other things

are taken into consideration for your personal development.

Below you can get an indication of pricing.


A period of less than 3 months

Julie, 29 years old.

Julie is a nurse. She has a lot of training experience but is primarily training the things she is already good at. She wants to break down the barrier and get better at gymnastic drills like muscle-ups, kipping pull-ups and double unders. Julies schedule allows her to train 4-5 times a week and she wishes to meet with our personal trainer once a week for two months.

With Julies wishes in mind we have composed two months of training and schedule to meet up once a week. We are advising her to prioritize 1-2 of her weekly training sessions to exercises that we give to her. Also informing Julie that gymnastic skills demands a lot of patients and training to be performed safely.

Julie paid 3.000 DKK a month, and hourly rate at 750 DKK.

A period of more than 3 months

Peter, 42 years old.

Peter works office hours, 9-5. He weighs 94 kg. and finds it difficult to keep the motivation on point. He has a goal of losing 10 kg. add muscle mass and find the motivation for training once again so when he is finished with our personal trainer, he can keep him self going. Peters schedule allows him to train three times a week.

With Peters wishes in mind we have composed a period of four months. In those four months we meet twice a week and he needs to train on his own once a week. We are guiding Peter in nutrition and follow him closely through the entire period. Halfway through we meet him for a cop of coffee in our café to make sure his motivation is on point.

Peter is paying 5.600 DKK a month, and hourly rate of 700 DKK.



Fredric Gyllensten

Head coach of Butcher’s Lab

Started CrossFit in 2014

Certified Level 2 CrossFit Coach

Competitor Specialty Trainer


Beathe Stephansen

Coach in Butcher’s Lab

Started CrossFit in 2014

Certified Personal Trainer (EHFA)

Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

CrossFit Gymnatics Certificate

Weightlifting 101 seminars


Jonas Klarskov Andersen

Coach in Butcher’s Lab

Started CrossFit in 2010

Practice personal training for 3 years.


Ellen Britto

Coach in Butcher’s Lab

Started CrossFit in 2012

Certified Level 2 CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Gymnastic course

Eleiko Weightlifting course

Bachelor in Physical Education

Contact us

If you are interested in personal training or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our personal trainers by e-mail: pt@butcherslab.dk